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Located in Downtown Culver City, “Lunch” is a great little spot for … well, lunch! Featuring both indoor and outdoor seating, Lunch offers counter-service dining experience. I never did understand this fast food with tips approach. The quirky menu presents a variety of healthy eating choices: hot and cold sandwiches, soups,and salads.

After much deliberation, I decided to go with the Seared Delight: mixed greens, seared ahi tuna, edamame, corn, red onions, avocado tossed with honey mustard dressing.As we sat out on the patio talking business and soaking in the beautiful California sun, our food arrived promptly. The salad looked great. Nice portion, fresh, colorful … yet, bland. No salt or pepper, tasteless dressing – I couldn’t understand it. I was disappointed … However, the place was so cute, trendy, and inviting, that I would give it another shot. Hopefully my next visit will be more fulfilling!

Corner Bakery

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I am a fan of big salads.

January 18, 2011

It was one of those days. I was craving a big salad and decided to stop at Corner Bakery for lunch. It has been at least a few years since my last visit. After reviewing all the options on their menu, I decided to go with the Santa Fe Chicken Salad. Visually the salad is very appealing: roasted chicken, fresh corn and pico de gallo salsa, iceberg and lettuce romaine, tossed with ranch dressing and topped off with cheddar cheese. I added avocado, some fresh black pepper, and a little bit of hot sauce for some spice. I, personally, love Santa Fe salads and was slightly disappointed at what the Corner Bakery had to offer. I understand their version of the salad is on the healthier side and maybe that is exactly what was missing … some fat. Their menu said the salad would come with a side of a fresh roll; however, they forgot to put one in my carry out bag. Could have been the missing touch.

Having tried several other versions of this salad in the past, I would definitely give a few suggestions for improvement. Just from the name, we can assume the salad comes from South Western background, which to me means bold, spicy flavors. Unfortunately Corner Bakery salad was lacking those flavors. Some of the changed I would implement are adding some jalapeño into the pico de gallo for that extra kick. Also, I usually prefer this salad tossed with thousand island instead of the ranch dressing. I find ranch to be kind of bland. Finally I would garnish the salad with fresh scallions and a side of sour cream … just because you can’t go wrong with sour cream mixed with salsa!